Restoring the commemorative stone to Eric Elstob


This spring we are renewing and correcting the inscriptions at the entrance to the Mound. Soon after we first put up the website, we were told by an Old Marlburian that the stone which commemorated the prime mover in the restoration, Eric Elstob, whose generous bequest made it all possible, had a glaring error in it. Even though two trustees were contemporaries and friends of his, the inscription proclaimed boldly that he was in C2, when in fact he was in B2. In the seven years since the stone had been installed, no-one else had realised this. We were fortunate enough to track down the original letter cutter, Emily Hoffnung, and a new stone was commissioned. Letters cut in stone are of course impossible to correct. The work was completed in January, and the new stone will be installed this spring, as soon as the weather allows.