Further reading

General reading

The Marlborough Mound: Prehistoric Mound, Medieval Castle, Georgian Garden, ed Richard Barber (The Boydell Press, 2022).

The Story of Silbury Hill, by Jim Leary & David Field (English Heritage 2010).

Learned articles

“The Marlborough Mound, Wiltshire. A further neolithic monumental mound by the River Kennet”, by Jim Leary, Matthew Canti, David Field, Peter Fowler, Peter Marshall & Gill Campbell, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 79 (2013), 1–27.

Free via subscribing libraries.

“The world recreated: redating Silbury Hill in its monumental landscape”, by Alex Bayliss, Fachtna McAvoy & Alasdair Whittle, Antiquity 81 (2007), 26–53.

Articles by H. C. Brentnall

Harold Brentnall, who was a history master at Marlborough College, contributed four important articles and notes on the archaeology and history of the Mound to Report of the Marlborough College Natural History Society. Since no complete set of this publication appears to exist outside the College archive, his articles can be read on this website, reprinted with the College’s permission. They are as follows:

Brentnall, H. C., ‘The Mound’, RMCNHS, 61 (1912), 23–9.

Brentnall, H.C., ‘Castellum Merlebergae’, RMCNHS, 71 (1922), 37–46.

Note on 1915 excavations and summary chronology of references to Mound

Brentnall, H.C., ‘Castellum Merlebergensis’, RMCNHS, 82 (1933), 60–104

Detailed reconstruction of buildings and layout of castle

Brentnall, H.C., ‘The curtain wall of Marlborough Castle’, RMCNHS, 85 (1937), 42–7.

First version of reconstruction plan of castle. For revised version of plan, see below. A further update is on the introduction page to the Videos on this website.

Three other notes and articles appeared in Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Magazine:

Brentnall, H.C., ‘The Marlborough Castle Mound’, WANHSM, 38 (1914), 112 (note)

Brentnall, H.C.,  ‘Marlborough Castle’, WANSHM, 47 (1935), 543 (note)

Brentnall, H.C.,  ‘Marlborough Castle’, WANSHM, 48 (1938), 133–43

This contains an updated version of the plan in RMCNHS 1937.

‘The authors of the standard text on medieval royal buildings, The History of the King’s Works, were not given to lavish praise, but they described Brentnall’s plan as ‘careful’, ‘thorough’ and ‘giving an excellent idea of what the castle may have been like’: having tried to reconstruct Brentnall’s working, I heartily concur with this judgement.’     Jeremy Ashbee, Marlborough Mound Trust Lecture 2015

R.D.A. Lamont, Poetry, Painting and Gardening, or the Science of Landscape, will forever by men of taste be deemed Three Sisters, or the Three Graces who dress and Adorn Nature’ [Horace Walpole].  Discuss the significance of Lady Hertford’s grotto at Marlborough within the context of developments between poetry, painting and gardening in the 1720s – with Lady Hertford as patroness, muse and innovator. Unpublished submission for Oxford MSt degree, 2013.


Moses Browne, Sunday Thoughts … Together with an Essay on the Universe … To which is now added … Percy Lodge, a poem… The second edition, carefully revised and improved, London 1764


Alexander Pope’s grotto at Twickenham website

Understanding Historic Parks & Gardens in Buckinghamshire
: Richings, Iver

The Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust Research & Recording Project, March 2016