The Mound Restored

It was only in 2000 that the first steps towards restoring the Mound were taken and the repairs to the grotto finished in spring 2023 mark the end of the restoration operation. Working on a scheduled ancient monument is always a difficult and painstaking task, but there have been additional challenges on the Mound, particularly its height. The archaeological investigations alone required the hoisting of a drilling rig to a height of over thirty metres to clear the trees at the summit.  Routine tree coppicing and felling work becomes very specialist in view of this height, and the only way of lowering the cut tree sections is by using old fashioned block and tackle. Skills of a very different kind were needed in the restoration of the grotto, where shells had to be laboriously fixed in place. Establishing new vegetation to hold the sloping sides in place has been another major task, now successfully managed by the College’s estate staff. 

The Mound Trust will continue to maintain it in good order, and to publicise this enduring but relatively fragile monument. The nature of the spiral path means that visiting has to be restricted to very small numbers on special days each year. This website will nonetheless make this important addition to the Stonehenge landscape, to the history of royal castles and to the roll call of great English gardens, better known to the world at large.