Visiting the Mound

The spiral path leading to the top of the Marlborough Mound is narrow, and there are no hand rails. The path itself is not paved, and is not designed for heavy use. As a result, for safety and conservation reasons, access to visit the Mound is limited and must be pre-arranged.

The Mound Trust, in conjunction with Marlborough College and Marlborough Town Council, runs an annual Open Day on one day in the half-term of the Summer Term (May/June) where multiple tours of the Mound are possible. The day is publicised in advance on the Town Council’s website and free tickets must be pre-booked.

In addition, a limited number of educational tours for local schools can be arranged directly with the College. Tours may also be possible for specific groups with an interest in the archaeology and history of the Mound.

The annual Marlborough College Summer School in July/August runs paid for courses on local history which include a tour of the Mound.

Any access to the Mound is entirely at the discretion of Marlborough College.

If you would like to enquire about visiting the Mound then please follow the ‘contact us’ button below.